1963 Strat Guitar


Given carte blanche in the design of the Fender Custom Shop Master Design  1963 Strat Guitar.

These lower output pickups have a flat EQ response resulting from a balanced tone with great luster, chime, detail and clarity. Secondly, attention to detail  1963 Strat Guitar can be seen in the most accurate vintage-spec.material to date. In 2013 Fender redesigned and revamped for the series American Vintage. These total tone Strats are currently the only Custom Shop guitars to present the newly con material U.

The new 1963 Strat Guitar is the original design, with steel saddles folded to preserve the distinctive sound Strat. A modern switch 5 way switch gives you easy access to the entire range of classic tones Strat, while American Vintage tuners work perfectly with the elderly, three-ply pickguard mint and year Olympic white finish taste for a look suggesting decades of playing your favorite guitar. Put your hands on the Custom Shop ’63 Strat Total Tone, experience the sound, feel, look, and performance of a legend, and make the history of your last own.The Limited Edition Stratocaster in the Master Series design is Fender Custom Shop 1963 Relic Stratocaster Design Master.

This  1963 Strat Guitar guitar is exceptional personalized meticulously designed by Master Builder u long John Cruz to embody the classic early 60’s atmosphere and look with features hot-rodded under the hood that offer modern playability with tonal versatility.

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