1969 Fender Stratocaster


Three single coils, three-way pickup selector switch, one volume and two tone controls with 1969 Fender Stratocaster, vibrato bridge, and Fender

New 1969 Fender Stratocaster¬†Long story short, the removal of the entire TBX / Mid-Boost system with the Fender Custom Shop ’69 pickups finally gave me the sound I was looking for. These puppies have brought life to my Strat Fender Eric Clapton! Now my ax that Fender guitars are known for classic tone:-). You can also consider reducing the middle pickup for Strat stocks, allowing you to cut down on noise. I had the pleasure of owning a 66 Strat for many years- and similarities in sound are there. Thank you to an Orange Tiny Terror, Fender Hot Rod & amp; amp; Marshall head, they seem like a lot and have a certain character. 1969 Fender Stratocaster¬†your ears that will decide if they sound good though. I re his Ois they go for and it is a great tone. Do not get me wrong – they sound good. Compared to Strat Mexi – it’s an upgrade. But it comes with the cost T noise – that’s why I can not give five stars. Check

If you own this1969 Fender Stratocaster guitar, I highly recommend you take these microphones lifeless N3 (with the entire active system that comes with Fender Eric Clapton guitar) with a kind of puppies, tone pots and cabling that were originally used back in the day, such as these Fender Custom Shop. The tone that you will bring you joy, I promise! I bought a set of Fender Custom Shop ’69 pickups after hearing good reviews from some friends at a local music store, and watching YouTube demos. Well, long story short, I re u a game of Cascio that were already open, and looked used – pickup covers had scratches revealing pick on them.

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