1969 Stratocaster


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New DocumentI went to have them installed in my  1969 Stratocastert and was disappointed to see that u authorized Fender Tech was unable to install the bridge pickup, a defect in the internal wiring was preventing the truck to work at all.
So unfortunately, I paid full price for two microphones and have been left with a dead bridge pickup. I do not know who was really at fault, but the package is opened poor quality and nature apparently used these mics makes me think the Cascio was the culprit.

I bought these last year to replace the pickups on a MIM Strat 2005. I would like microphones to those on my 2002 All ’62 Strat. I also have a ’95 Strat US and another in 2005 MIM Strat to compare. Of the four different sets of Strat pickups I have,  1969 Stratocaster is the less “hot”. These are the cleanest of all. Yes, you get a little grunt when they are saturated but they need the help of a Blues or Tube Screamer driver to get all the balls. They are nowhere as ’62 Strat. The original MIM pickups have more balls than these. I had the guitar with these pickups in place to slide open okay, but was not getting enough gain them. I came to an end Squire Strat 90 has the hottest pickups as these.

The pickups on my ’95 Strat seem Lace Sensors and I love this 1969 Stratocaster guitar the best and ’62. If you want sparkling clean, go with them. If you play rock and blues and want a bit of overdrive, I would go with something else. I also have a Highway One Tele 2005 and I love the microphones share more of those mics. Because of the clarity and transparency created by the wind of the coil magnet and unique structure, ’69 collection design works especially well with pedals for the low-end and high-end fly to beat

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