2015 63 Strat



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John Cruz came to 2015 63 Strat in 1987, joined the Custom Shop in 1993 became a Master Builder in 2003. custom guitars are his passion and he is the man behind many of Custom instruments the most iconic shop, including a replica of the famous “Number One” Stratocaster Stevie Ray Vaughan.

2015 63 Strat has also developed all production processes for Rory Gallagher tribute guitars and Muddy Waters. His meticulous work was essential to all aspects of the first guitars and basses Custom Shop Relic and launched the insurance program quality Custom Shop.The Fender Custom Shop 1963 Relic Stratocaster Limited Edition heavy electric guitar will delight any fan Strat lucky enough to tie it on. Close inspection reveals the remarkable finish and attention to detail for which Fender Custom Shop is known. It is available in a combination of vintage Strat specifications. It has a contoured alder body with a maple neck 60 sporting a “Y” shaped oval rear and 9.5 “radius.

The fingerboard is made of Indian rose wood with 21 frets, leading to 2015 63 Strat logo tuners. Featuring a perfect bridge Vintage Strat tremolo, the 60 -style pickguard houses three Texas Special pickups for classic Strat tone.

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