2015 Stratocaster 59


2015 Stratocaster 59 was six years old and for many Strat lovers – though they didn’t know it at the time, What are you waiting for?

New Document 2015 Stratocaster 59 collection to an independent laboratory for metallurgical analysis Chemical Testing. We then entered direct with our loving provider for Alnico 5 magnets specially cast the exact composition of the originals.  We are the only manufacturer that offers this. Pure Tone, sweet and genuine. our heavy wire 42ga Formvar is not only available son. We sent dozens of Stratocaster early wire samples for analysis. We get our heavy 42ga Formvar built to the exact specifications of samples we had analyzed.  Resistance exact, accurate Color matching.  Our heavy Formvar Wire 42ga is more authentic and accurate Magnet over stock. Heavy Formvar the thread of our 2015 Stratocaster 59 for the 1959 Spec is only used on models 1959 Authentic as it can possibly get.

– Tone, tone of our authentic 1959 microphones is simply beautiful.  You will never hear a purer sounding pickup.  People often ask us why Vintage pickups sound so good. Well, the main reason is that the materials used in the 50 & amp; 60 are not the same as today off the shelf parts.  Replication of all allies, all the elements, all aspects of a van’s why our 1959 Epic Series pickups sound identical to a real 1959 pickup.  We get each part of the epic 1959 pickups specially manufactured only for us, a real pick-up in 1959.  We have2015 Stratocaster 59 the tones are identical.

1959 Epic microphones have a huge chunky bottom end, often associated with the current magnets as current magnets have a nasty Mid Range presence that is also compatible with the chunkyness.  The mediums throughout 2015 Stratocaster 59 are very strong, but not overbearing are shifted towards the middle of the low frequencies and not the upper dark mediums.

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