2015 Stratocaster 63



My dad gave me a used 2015 Stratocaster 63  in 1965 . I am the second owner of the guitar. I have owned it for 45 years.

New Document Did you know that Stratocaster 63 is generally accepted that experienced the wisdom in the vintage guitar industry that, during this period of time Fender guitars shipped “blank”

Stratocaster 63 Selmer Company in England, who not only finished in their own premises, but they also provided the disc bo tier rectangular shell in which this guitar is housed – green plush lining a central white part on top and back and with faux crocodile fasteners & nbsp ; & Nbsp; Here is a quote from “The Selmer Story” on the Selmer were the exclusive distributors Hofner UK from 1958 until the late 1960s well as throughout the UK, Selmer provided Hofner almost every corner of the former British Empire, including Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

In addition, Selmer were the principal agent in the UK for guitars and Stratocaster 63, between Concessions of Fender Musical Instruments Jennings 2015 Stratocaster 63 and Ivor Arbiter during the mid-late 1960s Many a Fender Strat L-Series was delivered to its first owner lucky in a rigid gray Selmer crock-skin pouch. These cases, which were also supplied with some Hofner guitars are becoming collection in their own right.

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