59 Fender Stratocaster Sale



The American Vintage 59 Fender Stratocaster Sale is available in two authentic versions of the transitional 1959 model—one from early that year and one from later that yea, welcom to  ZhongYuLaiYing !!

NewDocumentStratocaster body now has a “shoulder” in the control cavity the potentiometer. This “bump” in the cavity has been implemented to allow the use of another screw pickguard by the 3-way switch. This shoulder can be seen with the pickguard removed. All organs rosewood fingerboard with 11 Strat pickguard screws should have this shoulder.

Fender used a red dye very photo-reactive in their sunburst finish, causing many 1959 Strats to fade from a 3 color sunburst to a two-color (photo-reactive nature of cause red discoloration ultra-violet light). This is typically seen on the front of the body, wherein the back still often red in the sunbeam. If the pickguard is raised, the original red finish in the sunshine can still be seen.Neck now has a very thin “D” backshape. As 1959 progresses, backshape neck becomes even thinner. at the end of 1959, the neck has an extremely thin backshape. Also most mid to late 1959 year Strats will generally not have a date neck under the truss rod adjustment.Brown paper rectangle tone turns white cap capacitor “chicklet” tone paper.

Metal spacer has been added under the tree cha Ne butterfly. The back of the neck plate shows body finish which corresponds to the missing
finish on the body in the neck plate. It is clear that this original Plateis collar for this guitar. Also attachmentscrews neck are not threaded This is a close-up position markers “Clay points” top and side key used on Fender Rosewood advice Before 1965. These points are made from celluoloid. Note the frets and how
“tang” does not break the maple neck

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