59 Fender Stratocaster Sale



The American Vintage 59 Fender Stratocaster Sale is available in two authentic versions of the transitional 1959 model—one from early that year and one from later that yea, welcom to  ZhongYuLaiYing !!

NewDocumentStratocaster body now has a “shoulder” in the control cavity the potentiometer. This “bump” in the cavity has been implemented to allow the use of another screw pickguard by the 3-way switch. This shoulder can be seen with the pickguard removed. All organs rosewood fingerboard with 11 Strat pickguard screws should have this shoulder.

Fender used a red dye very photo-reactive in their sunburst finish, causing many 1959 Strats to fade from a 3 color sunburst to a two-color (photo-reactive nature of cause red discoloration ultra-violet light). This is typically seen on the front of the body, wherein the back still often red in the sunbeam. If the pickguard is raised, the original red finish in the sunshine can still be seen.Neck now has a very thin “D” backshape. As 1959 progresses, backshape neck becomes even thinner. at the end of 1959, the neck has an extremely thin backshape. Also most mid to late 1959 year Strats will generally not have a date neck under the truss rod adjustment.Brown paper rectangle tone turns white cap capacitor “chicklet” tone paper.

Metal spacer has been added under the tree cha Ne butterfly. The back of the neck plate shows body finish which corresponds to the missing
finish on the body in the neck plate. It is clear that this original Plateis collar for this guitar. Also attachmentscrews neck are not threaded This is a close-up position markers “Clay points” top and side key used on Fender Rosewood advice Before 1965. These points are made from celluoloid. Note the frets and how
“tang” does not break the maple neck

2015 Stratocaster 59


2015 Stratocaster 59 was six years old and for many Strat lovers – though they didn’t know it at the time, What are you waiting for?

New Document 2015 Stratocaster 59 collection to an independent laboratory for metallurgical analysis Chemical Testing. We then entered direct with our loving provider for Alnico 5 magnets specially cast the exact composition of the originals.  We are the only manufacturer that offers this. Pure Tone, sweet and genuine. our heavy wire 42ga Formvar is not only available son. We sent dozens of Stratocaster early wire samples for analysis. We get our heavy 42ga Formvar built to the exact specifications of samples we had analyzed.  Resistance exact, accurate Color matching.  Our heavy Formvar Wire 42ga is more authentic and accurate Magnet over stock. Heavy Formvar the thread of our 2015 Stratocaster 59 for the 1959 Spec is only used on models 1959 Authentic as it can possibly get.

– Tone, tone of our authentic 1959 microphones is simply beautiful.  You will never hear a purer sounding pickup.  People often ask us why Vintage pickups sound so good. Well, the main reason is that the materials used in the 50 & amp; 60 are not the same as today off the shelf parts.  Replication of all allies, all the elements, all aspects of a van’s why our 1959 Epic Series pickups sound identical to a real 1959 pickup.  We get each part of the epic 1959 pickups specially manufactured only for us, a real pick-up in 1959.  We have2015 Stratocaster 59 the tones are identical.

1959 Epic microphones have a huge chunky bottom end, often associated with the current magnets as current magnets have a nasty Mid Range presence that is also compatible with the chunkyness.  The mediums throughout 2015 Stratocaster 59 are very strong, but not overbearing are shifted towards the middle of the low frequencies and not the upper dark mediums.

59 Stratocaster


Fender sales continued to grow in 59 Stratocaster, and the Stratocaster of this year was quite similar to that of 1958. What are you waiting for? please order it

New Documentintroduction of a “59 Stratocaster” rosewood fingerboard which was attached to the top of the maple neck midway of the year. The other major change this year has been a gradual shift from a white pickguard monolayer triple white-black-white layer cel D pickguard nitrate.

Over time, the composition of these protective plates gives a greenish hue that varies depending on exposure to light. The shape of the neck also continued to evolve towards a thinner profile, more modern. Blues Vintage Guitars Inc. of Nashville, Tennessee is proud to offer one of the sweetest 59 Stratocaster absolute that we have had the pleasure of handling – an absolutely beautiful 1959 Fender Stratocaster with exceptionally rare finishing plant Dakota Red Fender (refurbished in both the end of 1960 or early 1961).  Everything is there, in all its glory … with all original parts … screw pickguard, pickups, frets, tuners, pots, wiring, cases, Fender strap of origin, ashtray bridge cover, saddles, etc., etc., etc. & Nbsp; The list goes on and on and on and

And the best part of it all is that the 59 Stratocaster was literally sitting in a closet -. C ties to an all original 1959 Fender Bassman amplifier – for about the last 40 years … UNTOUCHED !!! If you’re wondering what happened to the 1959 Fender Bassman amps, it was sold to none other than Mr. Ed King, one of the original lead guitar player for Lynyrd Skynyrd and the guitar player who plays the most recognizable guitar the world solo