60th Anniversary Fender Stratocaster


In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Stratocaster, Fender invites you to experience the Strat through our interactive 60-year timeline.

New Document The summit of the 160th Anniversary Fender Stratocaster is manufactured from solid Adirondack red spruce, while the back and sides are constructed from solidmahogany quality model, giving this superb complete instrument balanced expression, warm bass, and excellent projection. Choosing the right wood, and the formula to dry it out, are two of the most central procedures to 60th anniversary of the Stratocaster. starting with its first catalog in 1903, Gibson has assured its customers that every guitar would be built using woods with “the most enduring qualities, rubber bands, and sound , and today’s guitars from Gibson Acoustic are not different.Gibson craftsmanship gives you a tool to be valuable for generations

60th Anniversary Fender builder dates well in the late 1800s Handcrafted from day by some of the most skilled luthiers around Gibson acoustic guitars have inspired countless players around the world When you take an acoustic Gibson, you know you get the best tonewoods, quality materials, and incredible attention to detail -.Nitrocellulose lacquer enhances the tone, look, and feel

60th Anniversary FenderĀ carries a beautiful nitrocellulose lacquer. Nitro finishes – standard back in the day – are much thinner than today’s polyurethane finishes, allowing the instrument to breathe . Nitro finishes not only look and feel authentically vintage -. They also improve the tonal qualities of the instrument Hey it feels great, plays great, makes me want to play more and more.