New 69 Strat



The New 69 Strat  is arguably the most iconic, most played, and most copied electric guitar design of all-time. waht are you waiting for ? please order it

I had the chance to get more sets that are signed by Abigail Ybarra before his retirement. I think these pickps signed by New 69 Strat  become in great demand in time Another issue that the installation is good , I bought a set of Fender Custom Shop ’69 pickups after hearing good reviews from some friends at a local music store, and watching YouTube demos. Well, long story short, I re u a game of Cascio that were already open, and looked used – pickup covers had scratches revealing pick on them.

I went to have them installed in my MIM New 69 Strat  and was disappointed to see that u authorized Fender Tech was unable to install the bridge pickup, a defect in the internal wiring was prevention the van to work at all.

So, unfortunately, this New 69 Strat I paid full price for two microphones and have been left with a dead bridge pickup. I do not know who was really at fault, but the package is opened poor quality and nature apparently used these mics makes me think the Cascio was the culprit.The last three purchases I have made the Cascio were suspect in quality – sorry MF, three strikes and you’re on