2015 Custom Shop 69 Stratocaster



Fender Custom Shop Relic Strat69 Stratocaster Maple Neck White Blonde Guitar in Musical Instruments, If you want to try? just give us e-mail

New DocumentIt seems old Hendrix, David Gilmour and Richie Blackmore to a “T”! Considering that they are a single coil hum and buzz is remarkably moderate compared to the Fender Custom Shop pickups in 1960 and 1956 I had two 2015 Custom Shop 69 Stratocaster.

Down killer punch line on the lower strings is an added bonus that 2015 Custom Shop 69 Stratocaster not the color or Muddy midrange or high-end all. The tops have a lot of shimmering glass Chimey. The mediums are very clear with a nice flavor Stratocaster Vintage nasal I want. The in-between sounds great job for the purpose, very Knophler Mark all the way. Given the low production of 5.8kohms they really help push my JCM800 Marshall stack in a nice clean crunch perfect for many Hendrix and Deep Purple air without added overdrive. Adding just a touch of DOD 250 Overdrive (New Gold Version) provides additional thrust enough to cover any kind of hard rock I could think thanks to the extra boost in the low-end microphones have these wonderful.

This is the easiest recommendation for 2015 Custom Shop 69 Stratocaster pickups I’ve ever made.These microphones are not strong. Great tone soft and bright colors. Great for all styles of music.