Fender 69 Stratocaster


Custom shop pickups,designed and prodcued with the same unsurpassed attention to detail and quality components asFender 69 Stratocaster, we are a nice custom shop, this price is very cheap

We spent these professional microphones installed in a Fender 69 Stratocaster. My start now seems better than most American made Fenders. Had
professional microphones installed. They sound great. They where I had installed was blown away by the quality of these microphones are.

Large Ton. They made my Mexican Strat sound better than most American made Strats.Some complained of having to make the hole maountin slightly larger to accommodate the mounting screws. It’s true, I had to do so in both cases. Fender 69 Stratocaster¬†was not a big deal for me since I mod my guitar anyhow. Fender could do a little better with the adjustment …While the micro environment is not reverse wound, I put copper Sheilding in the cavity and I do not hear more noise than other mics. I also put a base plate on the pickup, its added a little lower and the presence.

I really like these pickups, they work well for the style of music I play. I have a bunch of amps – Fender Twin, a Fender 69 Stratocaster Blues Deville and a Mesa Mark V among others. It pairs with the best Fender amps.