2015 Fender Custom Shop 1959 Stratocaster



This is a 2015 Fender Custom Shop 1959 Stratocaster. This guitar comes with a manufacturers warranty, If you are interested, please caii us

New 2015 Fender Custom Shop 1959 Stratocaster Document Sonic Blue is the most accurate color reproduction I’ve seen. He clay box board markers (or at least they are given the clay of appearance). The case is a little closer with the modern G & amp; G case again to the correct period accuracy.

The case of the original candy is much fun.I played my fair share of Strats and other 2015 Fender Custom Shop 1959 Stratocaster I have ever played a real 50 / early 60’s vintage, so I am not comparing this strat those. But this is what I can say I went to the guitar shop, exchanged some stuff in a Fender American Deluxe guitar V-neck, I had a guitar at home and when I plugged in and turned, I realized I did not like the N3 pickups at all. I went for the deluxe room in the first place because I liked the V-neck a lot, and I thought that would be noiseless pickups, and they sound good too in the store at lower volumes, but when I cranked em up at home it was not magic. I returned to exchange and picked up the 59 ‘Vintage Reissue Black After I got home and I was able to plug in and turn and I was blown away, I still almost can not believe it.

This is the best strat game I’ve ever played. I played a lot of strats and most of em ‘2015 Fender Custom Shop 1959 StratocasterDWMC em you really work to get the tone, and they can be difficult to really somtimes speed goes, I own a Strat America 2011, which is excellent, I recently sold a 97 US startup that was good, and I had many other strats in the past, and I made a demo more than 100, but this one takes the cake, very juicy tones.

2015 Fender Custom Shop 59 Stratocaster



  • I have the oportunity to purchase one and I’d like to know what I’m getting involved with.This guiter is very diffrient , do you need it or give friend gift


2015 Fender Custom Shop 59 Stratocaster as it did not come for sale very often. And when they do, they do not last very long. The guitar is available worldwide through our various online stores (including reverb), but also thanks to our showroom and contacts here in Nashville, Tennessee.

We can tell you that the guitar has been examined by some of the world’s best players and 2015 Fender Custom Shop 59 Stratocaster experts, and all agree that this is one of the finest specimens of absolute Fender Stratocaster 1959 on the market today. It is like Cost it gets !!!! & Nbsp; We ask that you do your homework and try to find one that even comes close to this one. This 2015 Fender Custom Shop 59 Stratocaster Relic is ready to play every night of the week, or be displayed as the center piece of any serious guitar collection. Personally, we prefer the guitar be used to make music, that was the original intent of Leo Fender when he produced in 1959. There is no problem whatsoever with this guitar. This two stage plays and sounds exactly the way you want – BEAUTIFUL !!! It is ready to plug and play in front of 100 people in a small club or in front of 100,000 screaming fans at Wembley Stadium in London!

As noted, the rigid rectangle Fender original case is included with this amazing Stratocaster (see several pictures of the case below), as is the original black strap Fender original whammy bar and original cover bridge “ashtray”.