Fender Custom Shop 63 Strat Guitar




Given carte blanche in the design of the Fender Custom Shop 63 Strat Master Design 1963Relic Stratocaster, Master Builder John Cruz spec’d an alder body

New Document The first Epiphany : Selmer also distributed Gibson Fender Custom Shop 63 Strat guitars in the UK in the 1960 This bo shell lasts attractive rectangular tier has a fixed square inner storage pocket closed with original hook and eye & Nbsp. ; The document that holds the rear edge of the pocket for the rest of the neck is a little torn inside the box you

Interesting, right ; there’s more – pots inside. this Fender Custom Shop 63 Strat guitar are by their code 304-6324 were made by Stackpole in the 24th week of 1963, but they were resoldered, as the ground wire and leads them to the output jack & nbsp;. & nbsp ; It is the solder on the legs of the 3-way switch, the pickguard is a little more recent – it is a three-ply Fender guard but maybe 70s, wearing a code  “L-2” There is a very small possibility that one or more microphones could be rewound, (two of our experts say they are absolutely right and one or more could they say been rewound) but all agree that they are microphones of origin; connections to the volume knob and the switch were resoldered.

Carnations surrounding a portion of the wiring are eyelets Fender Custom Shop 63 Strat original with additional surgical tubing on them. & Nbsp; By eyelets we refer to the cover over part of the internal wiring. No tremolo arm is present with this guitar; he is a “ashtray” (bridge cover) and an old “Fender” thin leather logo belt in the event of pocket