Fender 59 Strat Shop


Magnets, Our Fender 59 Strat Shop use Original Fender Alloy Alnico 5 Magnets From 1959. we are a nice shop , if you can by it , please order or give our e-mail

As already mentioned, everything else about this rare Fender 59 Strat Shop is completely original. Brands – or lack thereof – are also compatible with Fender history and known facts of that period. First, each knob on the guitar was manufactured in the 20th week of 1959.

The pickups have the usual black backgrounds and collection thread is a rich copper red color that was very common for that period. In addition, the butt of this particular neck has not written about Fender 59 Strat Shop whatsoever, which is consistent with the history and facts of Fender known from this period. In early 1959, due to a complaint from a customer about an obscenity that was written on the butt of a Stratocaster neck, Fender decided to stop writing markings whatsoever on butts neck for the first part of 1959. Dates manufacturer has began to appear be on the neck butts again sporadically as early as June 1959 and the end of 1959 almost all who left neck Fender Fullerton, California plant had once again the date of the written manufacturer on the butt of the neck.

Fender 59 Strat Shop Writing and literature, however, are not clearly legible. But they are there, and they certainly add to the authenticity and originality of this remarkable piece set of Fender history. Thanks for looking and good luck!