New Fender Stratocaster 60th Anniversary Usa


222New Fender Stratocaster 60th Anniversary Usa the significance of the Fender Stratocaster as it celebrates , would you want to try?

The New Fender Stratocaster 60th Anniversary Usa Vintage faithfully reproduces many features of the original ’54 Strat. The Stratocaster 60th Anniversary commemorative includes features player-approved as a compound radius and without load serve the old tone.

The New Fender Stratocaster 60th Anniversary Usa Plus includes acclaimed noise without N3 pickups, single-coil Fender, which provide a bold, assertive. The Function map of the personality of the American Deluxe Strat Plus allows guitarists to instantly change configurations and load circuit. The Bottom Line :. Whether you’re a purist vintage, current-day practitioner, modern or visionary, the three new models Fender Stratocaster meet the needs of almost any guitarist and celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Strat style

compound radius fretboard makes agreements friction near the doll easy, and gives you plenty of room to bend notes and make up runs complete accessories, packaging and hard case included, available only in 2014, 60th anniversary Fender Stratocaster Memorial is a beautifully crafted American-made instrument that celebrates six decades of great New Fender Stratocaster 60th Anniversary Usa in the world. Fine features and appointments include an ash body with a comfortable contoured heel, three special-design 1954 Strat single coil, a key compound-radius, gold hardware, custom engraved plaque neck and ingot doll, and a beautiful 2 -Color Sunburst gloss.