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For Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 60th Anniversary Shop guitarists who must have original-era Strat sound, look and feel, the Classic Series ‘60s Stratocaster Lacquer epitomizes the instrument during

Get the classic Strat tone you like and modern ambience of what you require Fender Stratocaster electric guitar commemorative 60th anniversary solid body!
60th Anniversary Stratocaster American Vintage 1954 is based on very first version of Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 60th Anniversary Shop.

Like the original, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 60th Anniversary Shop has a two-piece ash body with two-tone sunburst finish, maple neck one piece with 21 vintage-style frets and a radius of 7 1/4 inches, three pickups, single winding, a vintage tremolo bridge synchronized with six bent-steel saddles (which are not even stamped “Pat. Pending”), “miniskirt” control knobs and a single ply white plastic pickguard. The main significant difference between this model and an original vintage ’54 Strat is that it comes with a switch pickup selector five positions, although a three-position switch is provided for the purists.

On the surface, the 60th anniversary commemorative Stratocaster looks like the ’54, but a closer look reveals several important differences, including compound radius and 22 medium jumbo frets, gold-plated hardware, tuners neck with buttons white pearl and three-ply parchment pickguard with beveled edges. Under the hood are upgrades that include a contr Unloaded tone for the middle and bridge pickups, a two-point synchronized tremolo, a bi-flex truss rod with micro-tilt adjustment and American Deluxe Strat profile heel.The most also looks a bit like the original Stratocaster, but in many important ways, this is a radical change of the classic Strat that still manages to stay true to its roots. Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 60th Anniversary Shop shares many characteristics with the previous example, including a compound radius and 22 medium jumbo frets.

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2015 Fender Stratocaster 60 Anniversary near the doll, the handle offers the radius of 9.5 standard makes contact arrangements on a Strat so easy but as you go back 22 medium jumbo frets 60th anniversary commemorative Stratocaster, this surface flattens out 14, offering ample space for elbows and plenty of space to make quick runs solo also detach cleanly as possible.

As soon as you take a commemorative 60th Anniversary 2015 Fender Stratocaster 60 AnniversaryYou can tell how much attention to detail went into this instrument. Speaking of details, you can not really help but admire gold hardware 60th anniversary commemorative Stratocaster, plus the neck plate 4-Bolt 60th birthday and engraved medallion corresponding to the head are a nice touch and there is more to the neck plate that looks good -. it is equipped with Micro-Tilt adjustment mechanism Fender, so you can tune your guitar sensation perfection.

2015 Fender Stratocaster 60 Anniversary amazing that combines the traditional Strat with modern performance trio 1954 Stratocaster pickups single coils deliver spot-on tone vintage Strat No contr Load the tone on the bridge and middle pickups are completely cut off on the signal path when set
wide open fast play modern C-shaped neck comes with micro-adjustment mechanism of the Fender tilt so you can refine your action

Fender Stratocaster 60th Anniversary Diamond Edition Guitar


Available in 2014 only,  Fender Stratocaster 60th Anniversary Diamond Edition Guitar is a beautifully crafted U.S.-made instrument that celebrates six decades

New Document Take a look through Fender Stratocaster 60th Anniversary Diamond Edition Guitar Gallery Sweetwater, and there are models ranging from classic remakes dead on the last peak in guitar construction. But some guitars offer a combination of real vintage tone and modern game that you will get this FENDER 60th Anniversary Stratocaster Memorial.

The Anniversary Stratocaster commemorative 60th starts strong with a set of 1954 pickups, single-coil Stratocaster, Fender, which built to celebrate six decades of pure Strat tone. Combined with modern features such as a handle composed of a radius and a Micro-Tilt Adjustable neck, this 60th anniversary commemorative Stratocaster is one of the most amazing solid body Fender Stratocaster 60th Anniversary Diamond Edition Guitar you will get your hands on.Bell-like, jangly, smooth and bluesy – ask any seasoned player Strat in Sweetwater, and you will slightly different descriptions of what this iconic guitar is supposed to look like. Words alone can not capture the sound, but in 1954 the revolutionary single-coil pickups Fender Stratocaster equipped this commemorative 60th Anniversary Stratocaster with certainly. And thanks to the no-load tone control for middle and bridge pickups, you can get as pure as possible Strat tone of this axe.

In addition to his neck in modern C shape fast game, that Fender Stratocaster 60th Anniversary Diamond Edition Guitar  60th Anniversary commemorative offers the extreme comfort and the convenience of a compound radius fretboard.

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In celebration of the Fender 60 Anniversary Stratocaster Guitar, Fender invites you to experience the Strat through our interactive 60-year timeline.

New Fender 60 Anniversary Stratocaster Guitar a 1954 Strat would have been the first product. But apart from a magic number marked on the inside of the tremolo cavity plate, there is not much difference between what the guitar

If you’ve ever played an originalFender 60 Anniversary Stratocaster Guitar, the model’s 60th anniversary will feel and look Be like that old familiar friend. Neck profile can be a bit stockier than elegant examples today, but when it comes to classic Strat tone, this new version really delivers.From perspective tone, the 60th anniversary commemorative Stratocaster is a little like the original ’54 Strat as well, with similar tones that every guitarist Conna t and loves. However, the neck sensation is an entirely different matter, providing a comfortable C-shaped profile, medium jumbo frets and a compound radius which makes it much easier to play. The tremolo is a little more sophisticated and can handle deep dives much more competent and without leaving height.

Functionality Personality of the model map American Deluxe Strat Plus is a major game changer. Different cards installed in seconds and turn the Fender 60 Anniversary Stratocaster Guitar in a totally different beast. Blender, in particular, can greatly expand the sound spectrum of the Strat. Locking and N3 noiseless pickups provide tuners tuning and studio-quality sound performance respectively silent as a rock, and the general tone of the guitar is bolder, bigger and more aggressive.

Fender Stratocaster 60th Anniversary


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New DocumentAn instrument the United States is beautifully crafted which celebrates six decades of great Fender Stratocaster 60th Anniversary in the world, the 60th anniversary commemorative Stratocaster has a multitude of fine appointments in 2014 and is available only as a limited model very special performance.

Every aspect of Fender Stratocaster 60th Anniversary evokes and honors the spirit of the original Stratocaster while offering the best in features and specifications of modern Strat, accompanied by several extras.Lavishly illustrated special commemorative booklet honors 60 years of the Stratocaster and is responsible with archival footage, fascinating historical information and schedule, track list, artist quotes and more.For superior intonation, support, tuning stability, tremolo action and ease of adjustment, the Stratocaster has a two-point tremolo bridge with vintage-style stools for extra authenticity.This instrument era original key has a key compound-radius, sophisticated functionality and carefully designed ues in which the handle has a more pronounced curvature width near the nut (ideal for chording) and gradually flattens to a very slight bend to the upper frets (perfect for bending notes and solo) .Fender Stratocaster 60th Anniversary Price In a particularly refined design touches, tuners on the 60th anniversary commemorative Stratocaster include stylish white pearloid buttons.

The Fender Stratocaster 60th Anniversary sparkling 60th anniversary commemorative Stratocaster comes from its three special-design 1954 Stratocaster pickups single chopper daux, which were created to honor the first model year of the largest power guitar.G world