Fender 60 Anniversary Stratocaster Guitar



In celebration of the Fender 60 Anniversary Stratocaster Guitar, Fender invites you to experience the Strat through our interactive 60-year timeline.

New Fender 60 Anniversary Stratocaster Guitar a 1954 Strat would have been the first product. But apart from a magic number marked on the inside of the tremolo cavity plate, there is not much difference between what the guitar

If you’ve ever played an originalFender 60 Anniversary Stratocaster Guitar, the model’s 60th anniversary will feel and look Be like that old familiar friend. Neck profile can be a bit stockier than elegant examples today, but when it comes to classic Strat tone, this new version really delivers.From perspective tone, the 60th anniversary commemorative Stratocaster is a little like the original ’54 Strat as well, with similar tones that every guitarist Conna t and loves. However, the neck sensation is an entirely different matter, providing a comfortable C-shaped profile, medium jumbo frets and a compound radius which makes it much easier to play. The tremolo is a little more sophisticated and can handle deep dives much more competent and without leaving height.

Functionality Personality of the model map American Deluxe Strat Plus is a major game changer. Different cards installed in seconds and turn the Fender 60 Anniversary Stratocaster Guitar in a totally different beast. Blender, in particular, can greatly expand the sound spectrum of the Strat. Locking and N3 noiseless pickups provide tuners tuning and studio-quality sound performance respectively silent as a rock, and the general tone of the guitar is bolder, bigger and more aggressive.

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