Michael Landau Guitars

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Fender Custom Shop are proud to introduce the newest member to the Signature Series Line, Michael Landau Guitars. World renown session ace, Michael Landau has played on hundreds of albums since the early 1980’s with artists as varied as Joni Mitchell, Seal, Michael Jackson, James Taylor, B.B King, Pink Floyd, and Miles Davis just to name a few. He has also fronted several bands including the Raging Honkies and Burning Water and more recently, Renegade Creation with Robben Ford. With his own group, Michael continues to set the bar in electric / jazz / instrumental / rock guitar.

Based on Michael’s 1963 Stratocaster, the new Michael Landau Signature Stratocaster comes in two versions; a small peg 1963 Fiesta Red over three tone sunburst, or a big peg 1968 version that comes in two colors, black and three tone sunburst. The guitar features a unique neck shape, custom pickups, and a customized tremolo bridge. Session ace Michael Landau has worked closely with Fender Custom Shop to create two new Stratocaster models that are right up our alley.  We’re very excited to get our hands on both his newMichael Landau Guitars, with their customized tremolos, lovely neck shape, and custom wound pickups.  These will each be shipping by the end of the year.  MSRP starts at $5,200 and we are taking pre-orders now!  The Michael Landau Guitars is a gorgeous Fiesta red over 3-tone sunburst.

This Michael Landau Guitars exercise we’re caught up in is interesting but hopefully nearing it’s end. I’ve had to buy used guitars all my life. The thrill and delight of a high quality Michael Landau Guitars in your hands and the “joy in the moment” it brings is something that simply cannot be duplicated or “recreated” by painstakingly reproducing something out of its time and place. I love my Michael Landau Guitars!

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