Now Fender 60


Now Fender  60 Anniversary Commemorative Stratocaster Electric Guitar at Guitar Center. This is a diffrient guiter , we have diffrient style , if need it , please order it !!

New Fender 60 Down near the doll, the handle offers the “beam makes contact arrangements on a Strat so easy. But, as you go back 22 medium jumbo frets 60th anniversary commemorative Stratocaster, this surface is flattened to 14” standard 9.5, offering ample space for elbows and plenty of space to make quick runs solo also detach cleanly as possible

.As soon as you take a commemorative Now Fender 60 Stratocaster You can tell how attention Retail went into this instrument. Speaking of details, you can not really help but admire gold hardware 60th anniversary commemorative Stratocaster, plus the neck plate engraved 4-Bolt 60th anniversary medallion and matching on the head are a nice touch. And there is more to the neck plate that looks good – it is equipped with Micro-Tilt adjustment mechanism Now Fender 60 Anniversary, so you can refine your feeling perfection.vAn amazing electric guitar that combines the traditional Strat with modern trio performance 1954 Stratocaster pickups single coils deliver spot-on tone vintage Strat No contr Load the tone on the bridge and middle pickups are completely cut off the signal path when set wide open fast

play modern C-shaped neck comes with micro-adjustment mechanism of the Now Fender 60 Anniversary tilt so you can refine your action compound radius fretboard makes friction agreements almost easy doll and gives you plenty of room to bend notes and make runs on top

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