Stratocaster 1959 Guitar



For the Stratocaster 1959 Guitar who craves pure vintage Fender style, the American Vintage … As it accompanied rock ‘n’ roll into the wild new 1960, This guitar price is cheap , would you want to try?

Microphones also have another characteristic Vintage strates that is not found in the existing materials, the neck Bridge positions are perfectly capable of running son, Stratocaster 1959 Guitar individual notes also with any problem

Stratocaster Many famous players play original  Stratocaster 1959 Guitar, the most popular player in 1959 would be Mr. SRV that forever changed the world of Blues & amp; Scene Blues Texas, now is your chance to play with the same. & Nbsp; 1959 mics with the steep price tag & nbsp ;. & Nbsp; We tested these pickups in several strats, alder, ash, mahogany, basswood, both in Maple & amp; Rosewood necks. & Nbsp; There was no combination that does not look good & nbsp ;. & Nbsp; However, Fender sales continued to cro Be in 1959 and the Stratocaster this year was quite similar to that of 1958. Some changes occur, including everything else on this beautiful instrument is 100 percent of original, including the original Fender case. For simple

The serial number on the neck plate on the back of the  Stratocaster 1959 Guitar is “38112”. The original color of the guitar was venerable Fender Sunburst finish, and when the guitar was bought it happened to be the only Fender Stratocaster in the store. However, the gentleman was not fond of this Sunburst finish. So about a year later, he took the guitar to the store and had the store owner to send the Fender guitar back to a factory finish. The color was chosen Dakota Red, which was a Fender custom color available from 1958 to 1969. The guitar was returned several months later to

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