2015 Stratocaster Custom Shop 69


24 I like the Stratocaster Custom Shop 69 pickups fat 50’s and Texas special pickups there good pickups

Without a pickup reverse wound middle (which is correct vintage) 2015 Stratocaster Custom Shop 69 guitar produces more noise and there is no escape – switch of phase ‘between the middle pickup will not help – the noise will remain. It has a large accumulation – a staggered magnets vintage correct, gray bobbin with enamelled copper coil bright and clear and son wrapped in fabric – much better quality than stock – just visually speaking, you can see the difference.

Maybe check for silent Vintage – and boost pedal a little more grain. Or consider DiMarzio Virtual Vintage Blues 2, I plan to spend in the neck and bridge – with an area 58 or 61 vintage-style pickup in the middle for a good mid-range boost out of phase.

I think 2015 Stratocaster Custom Shop 69 should have created these with a pickup reverse wound and wire sheilded in the middle as a sacrifice to felt it as an update for the modern day guitar – the best of two worlds, in my opinion – that would have made the best microphones for use from day to day of registration or shows. If you decide Okay vintage is where you want to be para be wise, it’s not for everyone and you can have a bit of retail buyers remorse. This review comes six months after my purchase several hours.

2015 Custom Shop 69 Stratocaster



Fender Custom Shop Relic Strat69 Stratocaster Maple Neck White Blonde Guitar in Musical Instruments, If you want to try? just give us e-mail

New DocumentIt seems old Hendrix, David Gilmour and Richie Blackmore to a “T”! Considering that they are a single coil hum and buzz is remarkably moderate compared to the Fender Custom Shop pickups in 1960 and 1956 I had two 2015 Custom Shop 69 Stratocaster.

Down killer punch line on the lower strings is an added bonus that 2015 Custom Shop 69 Stratocaster not the color or Muddy midrange or high-end all. The tops have a lot of shimmering glass Chimey. The mediums are very clear with a nice flavor Stratocaster Vintage nasal I want. The in-between sounds great job for the purpose, very Knophler Mark all the way. Given the low production of 5.8kohms they really help push my JCM800 Marshall stack in a nice clean crunch perfect for many Hendrix and Deep Purple air without added overdrive. Adding just a touch of DOD 250 Overdrive (New Gold Version) provides additional thrust enough to cover any kind of hard rock I could think thanks to the extra boost in the low-end microphones have these wonderful.

This is the easiest recommendation for 2015 Custom Shop 69 Stratocaster pickups I’ve ever made.These microphones are not strong. Great tone soft and bright colors. Great for all styles of music.

2015 Fender Custom Shop 69 Stratocaster


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I recommend these if you want a vintage Strat sound with more bite and average collection lttle the classic sound strategy. .On My American Standard, the pickup is reverse angle ala Hendrix, and I dig the atmosphere is turned off – great pickup for classic rock and blues or almost anything really throw you on 2015 Fender Custom Shop 69 Stratocaster.

I bought this year last to replace the MIM Strat pickups in 2005. I would like microphones to those on my 2002 All ’62 Strat. I also have a ’95 Strat US and another in 2005 MIM Strat to compare. Of the four different sets of Strat pickups I have, it is the less “hot”. These are the cleanest of all. Yes, you get a little grunt when they are saturated but they need the help of a Blues or Tube Screamer driver to get all the balls. They are nowhere as ’62 Strat. The original MIM pickups have more balls than these. I had the 2015 Fender Custom Shop 69 Stratocaster Relic guitar with these pickups in place to slide open okay, but was not getting enough gain them. I came to an end Squire Strat 90 has the hottest pickups as these.

The pickups on my ’95 Strat seem Lace Sensors and I love this 2015 Fender Custom Shop 69 Stratocaster Relic guitar the best and ’62. If you want sparkling clean, go with them. If you play rock and blues and want a bit of overdrive, I would go with something else. I also have a Highway One Tele 2005 and I love the microphones share more of those mics.