Fender Vintage 59 Strat Guitar


Get the guaranteed lowest price on the FenderVintage 59 Strat Guitar Electric Guitar An exact replica of the ‘59 model with a slimmer neck, we are nice shop.

New Fender Vintage 59 Strat Guitar Document The D-shaped neck is slightly thicker to the neck, I really dig the vintage-style frets, pickups in this are apparently a custom shop work to reproduce the 59 ‘microphones, and these are also some of the the best I’ve heard for a stat.

You can really hear the strings, the Fender Vintage 59 Strat Guitar is super crisp and although the midrange, treble really sing and this guitar has a ton of support. I blackface Lollar pickups in my other strat and these pickups are just as good, but slightly different. The guitar is pretty quiet. Overall, for anyone who has the means, I highly recommend this guitar, Fender spared no expense in creating the American Vintage series, and you will see in the American Vintage ’59 Stratocaster. To make it as accurate as possible vintage Fender restored original tooling dies, expressed new pickups, and even reformulated period finishes from vintage real examples.

The result is a Fender Vintage 59 Strat Guitar that looks not only accurate – it feels like you’re playing a classic property that has been spent waiting to be rediscovered, Fender has chosen to include 1959 models in their series American Vintage, because it was a particularly innovative years for the Stratocaster. at the end of the year, Fender had experimented with thin necks, rosewood fretboards and multilayer protection rolled plates. American Vintage ’59 Strat This has it all, making it a perfect reproduction of a late ’59 Strat.

Fender Vintage 59 Stratocaster Guiter



This is not due to demagnetizing, but it’s due to the chemical composition. Fender Vintage 59 Stratocaster Guiter sare know for their sweet clean tones but with their uncanny ability

Fender Vintage Fender Vintage 59 Stratocaster Guiter worry son had relatively short legs (compared to today’s standards), Vintage Wings to refretted are fairly easy to spot because new fret legs are longer than the original. As original Fender frets were installed by dragging them from the caside the key (not hammer down the front of the handle) .A May 1959 Fender Stratocaster guitar with the original tweed case. On the face of this guitar red is completely gone. But the back of the guitar still shows a little red.

Rate Fender Vintage 59 Stratocaster Guiter was made the first months of 1959 slab rosewood production key. Pickguard only eight screws but is a pickguard Celluoid 3 layers. Note also the absence of a “shoulder” in the path of the control cavity. Wiring is also unique in that it is entirely original, but lacks the  to be as honest as possible here, this guitar is in new condition.

Plain and simple, it is not another Fender Vintage 59 Stratocaster Guiter on the planet that is close to the state, the tone and playability of this incredible discovery. And here’s the story behind the guitar (and amps) .The two were purchased jointly in 1959 by the same man from a music store in southern Alabama.